We're all going on a summer holiday

No more worries for me or you? Well, not quite

The summer holiday is here and having said fond farewells to pupils, school staff can sit back and relax before the new academic year. If only…

The government has set out proposals for exams in summer 2022, but full details will not be confirmed until early in the coming autumn term. Heads say they should have been given clarification before the summer break, with one deputy head saying online that “the repeated dither and delay is simply not good enough”.

“All of this should have been put to bed weeks, if not months, ago,” says Nick Brook, deputy general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers.

The announcement from the government came just days away from the end of the summer term.

Brook continues: “School leaders wanted decisions for adaptations and contingencies made before the summer break, with details before the start of term in September, not least because August will be a busy month supporting students with their results and working on reviews and appeals.”

School staff need answers now, not weeks into the new academic year, so that they can plan over the summer and come back prepared. Uncertainty and delayed communication is piling the pressure onto educators, at a time when they should be celebrating everything that they have achieved over the past year.

Of course, the pandemic is an ever-changing situation, and we must respond to the latest data, but too often has the education sector been left in the dark.

After all, what industry doesn’t benefit from forward planning? Certainly, in media publishing, planning is absolutely vital. Knowing themes, important events and national holidays ahead of time means less stress when it comes to putting content out. And being able to schedule blogs, and even social media posts, ahead of time can free you up to respond to breaking news.

Although there is more uncertainty ahead with exams, the education sector is full of optimistic, resilient individuals who have shown how they can thrive in adversity. And let’s hope they can still have a week – or two – of fun and laughter this summer.