Back to the office?

Our adaptability to remote working has been a revelation

With young people back at school, and universities soon to open, is it time we followed suit and headed back into the office?

We know that some businesses, having lived the flexible working life for several months now, are making it a more permanent move. Outsourcing firm Capita has decided to fully embrace flexible working after positive feedback from employees and is set to close over a third of its UK offices, ending leases on almost 100 workplaces. Twitter will let its employees choose whether they want to continue working from home and didn’t open their offices again until this month.

However, some people are worried about the damage to city centre economies a fall in office working could result in, and the government is now actively encouraging people to go back to the workplace. Not only could a return to the office help the economy, many people are missing the co-worker camaraderie and face-to-face meetings from pre-Covid-19 times.

Here at Wildfire we’ve been working from our homes since the end of March and the most common conversation I’ve had with people is how fascinating it has been to see how adaptable we really are. Teams has become our lifeline, not only for work but for social interaction too. We’ve even challenged ourselves to go further with our content – creating not one, but three annual digital events to stay connected to our audiences.

I think most people will agree that a balance of home and office working has many benefits in our modern world, where we all have multiple responsibilities. And now we know how smooth remote working can be (moments of forgetting you’re on mute are few and far between nowadays), we can move forward into a new way of working.

I wonder, though, what will be in store for us when/if we return to the office? Will we be able to part with our slippers after all this time? Will we fight over control of the office Spotify account? Let’s hope we can transition into a new stage of flexibility, with the confidence that we can keep going no matter what is thrown at us.